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what got you involved with fitness?

I grew up in a really small town so the majority of my upbringing focused around playing almost every sport that you could name. To this day I am still active in many different sports/activities. Summer months consist of playing slow pitch, golf and wakeboarding and surfing behind our boat; winter months are for hockey and snowboarding. When I turned 16 and got my license I would drive 45 minutes to the gym 2-3 times a week and from there the rest is history. I was hooked! Since then the gym/fitness has and will continue to be huge passion of mine.

what does your current training program look like?

Upper/lower body spilt. Four days of weight training/cardio and one to two days of hot yoga.


what is your favorite exercise for lower body?

Really depends on the day and my mood…haha. If i had to pick I would choose deadlifts or squats as both fire up multiple muscle groups in the body.

what do you think about fasted cardio?

Definitely have a love/hate relationship with it. I am someone who does not enjoy cardio so anytime I could have the option to leave it, you best believe I would. I do understand and appreciate the benefits to it and it is incorporated into my contest prep training plans or when I am leaning out for different events and such.

what keeps you motivated?

The passion I have for always wanting to improve on and better myself. There is nothing more rewarding then achieving goals that you have set and pursing new ones. I am a super competitive person, so what better person to compete with then yourself. I also love being able to help others reach their goals and try my best to motive and inspire others.


what is your favorite part about bodybuilding?

The entire process of prepping. It is actually amazing to see the improvements you make from show to show and how every prep is different. It allows you to learn so much about your body and I think appreciate it that much more as well.

what do you enjoy most about competing?

All the people that you meet and friendships you end up creating. Going into my first show I had no idea what to expect, i was thinking it was going to be like any type of sport with super catty people all against one another. I have never experienced a competitive sport where athletes are so supportive of one another. The environment is so positive and has such great energy; there’s really nothing like it.

Any advice for women looking to compete?

Be 100% committed and sure that you want to compete. Lots of people are competing today just so they can say “I was a bikini competitor” and I think it is taking away from the sport. (And yes I know some people reading that are going to get really pissed off about that comment, it’s just my personal opinion.) This should be like any other sport and if you aren’t there to do your absolute best and win…why do it. I am someone who doesn’t believe in half-assing anything that you do, so if this isn’t something you are truly passionate enough about I wouldn’t do it.

Jessica Kwasny fitness

what does your diet look like?

Currently I’m two weeks into my refeed from my competition so we are still slowly upping my kcal intake. My diet does consist of chicken, steak, fish, lots of fibrous veggies, and I could not do without my protein pancakes. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I have mug cakes to tackle the cravings.

what’s your favorite cheat meal?

Not to be specific or anything.. red wine, steak, salad, potatoes and most important a really good CHOCOLATE dessert. (mm mm mmmmm)

what do you find helps the most when dieting down?

Something I found that really helps is I will keep tabs on the white board on our fridge how I do. If I follow my eating plan to a tee, I get to mark down a tick the next morning for the previous day. I know that if I don’t follow my plan and grab a handful of whatever or dip that spoon into the peanut butter that I won’t get my tick for the next day. I found that it is a great accountability piece for me.


Do you take any supplements?

You bet! Currently I am taking: BCAAs, glutamine, creatine, DIM, CLA, ZMA and can’t forget about my favorite Ballistic Labs Night Ops.

Favorite workout song?

That’s tough..depends on the day. One day it could be hard rock, the other EDM and the next rap. My brother is a EDM producer so anytime I can get my hands on something of his, its a good day.

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