Andy Bolton Interview


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in place called cottingley in Leeds

How did you get into weightlifting?

I was bodybuilding from age 18 years old and met a group of powerlifters but I wanted to be a bodybuilder so I stuck with that for 2 years. I competed at 20 placed 3rd in a British qualifier, after that I decided to give powerlifting a go and the rest is history.

Were you always naturally strong?

Yes my first time in the gym at 18 years old I squatted 220kg, Deadlifted 260kg, Bench was a lot weaker at 70kg.

Can you describe what your first meet was like?

It was the Yorkshire juniors and I had no idea what I was doing my form was pretty bad but I had a great team who helped me
First numbers
Squat 270kg
Bench 155kg
Deadlift 335kg
And I was hooked from this point.

Any advice for those just getting into powerlifting?

Yes learn the basics well do not try any fancy routine to start it will confuse you and you don’t need them at the start. Learn good form plan your workouts and most important do not try to max out every week as most beginners do.


Do you think gym atmosphere and having good training partners has helped you achieve a lot of what you have in the sport of powerlifting?

Yes a good team is everything and I would not have done any of this without them.

Can you tell us a little bit about your training methods?

My training is pretty simple to follow but hard work it is just cycle up to a set weight each week going from 60% to 90% increasing over 10/ 12 weeks then I drop down and do lots speed training but it has to be done as fast as possible.

What secondary exercise has helped the most with your deadlift?

Wide stance Squats
Leg press
Kb swings

Do you utilize bands and chains for speed work?

Don’t really use bands and chains they never did anything for my squat or deadlift but I have used them a little in my Bench training but not too much they will overtrain you really fast.

What advice would you give someone struggling to bring up their squat?

Squat more
Learn better form
Be more explosive
Do pause Squats
Dont miss workouts
Listen to your body


What has helped you the most with your bench lockout?

Bench lockout for me has really improved for me from 290kg to 350kg. All I did was do more Benching and less assistance and started doing dumbbell press for chest. Shirted bench was only done once in 3 workouts not every week as before and doing more full range work with shirt.

Do you have a set deload period, or do you go by how you feel? How often do you deload?

How I feel I don’t agree with a set deload what if your feeling amazing that week.
Rest only when you need to.

What motivates you?

To compete still motivates me not the winning not world records but just to compete.

Any plans to compete again soon?

I just competed on March 22nd
Squat 380kg no suit
Benched 305kg first time in shirt in 10 months
Deadlifts 390kg all lifts were easy

What is your favorite song to max out too?

That was always Queen ( gimme the prize), Recently it depends on my mood.

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