Fitness Model Aurora LZ Talks With Musclemunch


Quick Stats

I am 30 yo and 6ft tall

Where are you from

I’m originally from France

Do your tattoos have any special meaning behind them?

Some have a meaning yes but I don’t really talk about it.


How did you get into fitness?

I got into fitness when I was teaching in London… I had a lot of free time that’s when I started kickboxing and fitness training.

Can you describe what your first fight was like?

Horrible!!! I was a nervous wreck…! Was injured and limping because well over trained…! I still won by TKO at 1min in the 1st round.

Any advice for women wanting to start any type of martial arts?

It’s a mans world so woman got to be cautious, persistent and never give up!


What does your training routine look like?

I don’t really have a routine…..It depends if I’m training for a fight or a bodybuilding comp, But I usually train 5 to 6 days a week one to two times a day mixing it between steady/high intensity cardio, powerlifting/, strength lifting and MMA of course…

What is your approach to cardio?

I don’t mind the short explosive type of cardio but I don’t like long distance runs!

Can you tell us about your diet?

I don’t follow a diet. I eat what’s not processed and therefore good for me….


What is your favorite cheat meal?

I don’t really have a cheat meal but I would say pizza…..

What would you say your biggest weakness is when it comes to staying fit?

To be honest I don’t really have this issue… I would say I have a tendency to overtrain….

What is your favorite bodypart to train?

Legs and butt


How often do you take time off from working out?

Too rarely.

What motivates you?


What do you hope to achieve in the fitness world?

To show the world a realest strongest more authentic type of fitness …. There is way too much surgery, make up and other lies out there.


What is your favorite song to train too?

At the moment “You can’t stop me” by Andy Mineo

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